Our History

Lewis Chapel Church is believed to be more than one hundred years old, originating from residents of the Glendale and Clifton communities. The location adds greatly to the historical value of the Church. The history of Spartanburg names the Glendale community is its origin, dating back to the 1700’s when the minutemen were formed to fight in the battle of Cowpens. These courageous men known as the Spartan Rifles and from which the name Spartanburg was formed marched through the area where Lewis Chapel stands.

The church’s name is believed to have come from members who originally founded the Church. Lewis Chapel at the time of its beginning was located south of Zion Hill Road in an area known as Brush Harbor, about one and one half miles from its current location. During the early years, the Church was led by the Christian leadership of Leaner and Caroline, Lewis, Wilson, Lucy, and Poach Littlejohn. The Church moved from Brush Harbor to its present location, a site that was given to the Church by the D.E. Converse family.

No one really remembers if the building that was called the Hall, where services were held, was built by residents of the community or if it was there when the property was given to the Church. The Hall was destroyed by a storm between 1914 and 1921.

Rev. Miles Smith, one of Lewis Chapel’s earliest ministers, lived in the Glendale area. The first elected Pastor was Rev. Marion Foster. Rev. Foster is believed to have been elected as pastor in 1914.

In 1921, Rev. R. B. Beaty was elected pastor and a new church was built.

The members struggled to maintain the Church in order that we may today share in the joy of worshipping in our church under the leadership of Rev. Gerry Spells.